Example of Email to Send to Students

Example of an Email to Send to Students

Are you struggling on how to send our survey out to your students? Below is a sample email that you can use!


Dear First Name of College student or Graduate of XXX College,


How can Catholic students strengthen their faith on our campus? What are the strongest resources available to Catholic students? What advice would you give a new Catholic student during his or her first week on campus?



I’m writing to ask you to spend 10 minutes of your day to be a part of an exciting new initiative—called Run with Saints—designed to help Catholics make informed college decisions based on the experiences of current students and recent graduates.



By answering a few simple questions online, you can share information and observations about our college’s faculty, curriculum, student attitudes, availability of the sacraments, campus ministry, and other aspects of campus life that would be helpful to Catholic students and families.


This is a great opportunity to assist our college in recruiting Catholic students—and also to improve the student experience for Catholics currently on our campus.



Please go to https://runwithsaints.Org/. Answer a few simple questions. Share with other Catholic students and graduates!



Thank you and God bless you.





Your Name