Examples of Survey Entries to Share

Here are some examples of positive comments made by survey submitters that you can use to recruit your students to take our survey!

Remember that the more feedback we receive may result is many prospective high school students viewing and reading all about your Catholic community.

“Our Catholic Newman Center is kind of my ‘home base’. It was where I met my Catholic group of friends and how I first got involved. They have activities everyday and even hold Mass on Mondays and Wednesdays since our actual Catholic Church is kind of far away from Campus.
- Lily Welter, University of West Georgia, Class of 2024

“There are 3 main chapels on campus that had Mass available, a few times throughout the day. Also, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Dominican House of Studies were super accessible for students to attend mass there if they wanted.”
- Marillis Pineiro, Catholic University of America, 2008 (left campus before graduating)

“The overall school culture is very catholic, and even teachers who are not catholic share their Christian faith in ways that apply well to catholic students and the catholic mission of the school.”
- Benjamin Capdevielle, Holy Cross College, Class of 2021

“I converted to Catholicism from Protestantism in college, so I was involved in both spheres throughout. There is a great Christian community here, surprisingly, and while it is not a Catholic college it is probably better than a lot of places. Definitely a great conservative intellectual contingent here, if you know where to look. Having a faith in common really helped with that because the Catholics often do extracurricular things with each other, like play spikeball.”
- Jon Garaffa, Princeton University, Class of 2024

Below are a few examples of constructive criticism that students have given their own college. By viewing what students say about their own college, some schools may use this feedback as a chance to improve or change based on students’ personal experience.

“Catholicism is not a part of the education or administration. The Catholic center is regularly accessible, but the student has to be responsible for their own faith. They will have no trouble finding resources if they want it but if they want to avoid it they will also have no troubles doing so.”
-Jocelyn Jagrowski, Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2023

“You should understand the moral conscience-based answers to the various claims of secular progressivism (for example, their notion of 'consent' and where it comes from, sexual identity pronouns, the attacks on western culture, the culture of feeling, the sentimentalization of religion, expressive individualism, peer pressure, and many other subtleties that do not attack traditional faith head on but that would slowly & steadily wash away a weak foundation) and how to seek out reasonable people of good will who may not be Catholic but who would be good allies, of which there are very many who are worth becoming friends with.”
- Lucas Cremers, Columbia University, Class of 2023

“Even though Marymount is a Catholic university there are few things they do that probably may be against the Catholic Church, such as celebrating hallowing, LGBTQ pride etc. Also Marymount University has their own chapel and priest so there is no way to not attend mass or go to confession. Keep in mind that Marymount university is not for conservative Catholic students.”
- Brayan Villatoro, Marymount University, Class of 2023

“Not as orthodox as I thought it would be. If you want a good community of friends and diverse group of people, go to FUS. Don't necessarily go there for the academics unless you are doing the nursing program or want to become a youth minister.”
- Anna Laudiero, Franciscan University of Stuebenville, Class of 2014

These quotes were taken with permission from the survey takers. These words are not affiliated with any college or university.