Top 10 Ways

Top Ten Ways to Get More Students to complete the "Run with Saints" Survey at Your College

The single most important thing to keep in mind when promoting the Run With Saints survey to your current and recent Catholic college students is to focus your messaging on the “why”.

Why should anyone take 10 minutes of their valuable time to complete the survey?

The “why” here is two-fold.

First, it helps your college recruit more Catholic students. Recruiting is the single biggest challenge that every college has, and the simple act of completing the survey is a signal to high school seniors and their parents that your college has Catholic students who care about their college community.

Second, it helps your college improve their Catholic community. By collecting both praise and constructive criticism from Catholic students, Run With Saints is shining a light on areas for improvement that will be difficult to be ignored by your college’s administration.

The ten suggestions below are great ways to maximize the number of surveys your college gets, but you must remember to focus on the “why” in your messaging!

1. Do you have a regular email newsletter that you send to students? If so, include a prominent link to the survey.

2. Does campus ministry have a website or web page? Add a link to our survey.

3. Send a one-off email blast to your Catholic students.

4. Send a one-off text blast to your Catholic students.

5. Promote the survey on Instagram or Facebook.

6. Have your alumni relations department include our survey in their next outreach to alumni.

7. Hand out flyers after Mass and/or include our survey in the bulletin.

8. Identify your most social Catholic students and ask them to promote it to their friends.

9. Have your campus ministry mention the survey in announcements after Sunday mass.

10. Ask your chaplain to mention the survey in his homily!